Barbara Rogers Tallo

(December 3, 1942 - July 19, 2000)

This website is dedicated to our mother. To have known her meant that the Angels of Heaven smiled upon you, for you were truly blessed to know her.

Mama founded Auto Title Service in 1975. Her father, Arthur D. Rogers was a notary. Mama decided that with the long history she had as a Motor Vehicle Officer, a Notary Seal would give her a "little extra income." And with an ink pen and a notary seal, Auto Title Service was born.

On December 17, 1999, Mama was stricken with pancreatic cancer. As courageously as she lived her life, she fought the battle of cancer. As her children, we are awestruck by her life, her courage, her love, and her dedication to family. We are blessed with a magnificent example of what kind of people we should be in this lifetime.

She is loved and missed by us all.